Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Pinterest Vs. Reality Again!

I went to the Restore in Beaumont, TX today and bought some incredible corks.  I have had a busy day not crafting, or cleaning but talking to insurance companies and other bureaucratic type folks.  I am completed wasted from the hassles of the day.  So that means the rest can wait and I need to create. This is the inspiration for today. 

I found this wonderful creation at .  She has lots of great ideas for beginning crafters like me.  I look at the body of her work and am amazed.

I got these great corks and drawer at the Restore today and have decided that this drawer and corks are the start of a home message center to go over my kitchen desk.  The corks were almost free so I am determined to use them in a project.

I found this further inspiration on Pinterest. 

The next step was to remove the hardware from the drawer, prime and paint it.
Here is the finished product. It is a corkboard on top and message center on bottom.  I added a hook for my keys.  My keys are always lost and I know my love ones wish I would put my keys in the same place when I come home.  You know how some girls are prettier in person than in pictures, well that is how this corkboard/repurposed drawer is.  All afternoon I have walked by and admired it.
The picture does not do it justice.  I need to learn more about photography so my craft babies can be photographed properly.

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