Friday, July 26, 2013

Red Footlocker

I recently went to see friends in Huntington, WV where I lived for 6 wonderful years.  When my friend showed me the bedroom where I would be staying I saw this wonderful red chest(footlocker).  It had been her fathers and she had repainted it red in the 1970s.  It was red, chippy, and perfect.  It had that wonderful aged look that did not come from some new technique on Pinterest but from many moves and five children (all boys)!  I jokingly tried to talk her into putting legs on it.  I love chests with legs, but she declined the offer.  It was so perfect that I wanted the world to see it.  I will be posting more pics of my amazing stay in WV.

My friend lives in the country and one of the best parts of my visit is that we did not rush to start our days but lingered over breakfast and talked and talked and talked.  We had a year to catch up on.  Another thing that made the mornings special were this deer and her twins.  We saw them twice and it was amazing how beautiful they were.


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