Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Beach Table

                                                    This is the latest thing to pop into my
                                                     head.  Last week we met friends at the
                                                     beach and I wanted to make something
                                                     for my friend Jan for her birthday.
                                          It started with this cute tray that I found at Goodwill
                                          for only twenty five cents.  I originally was going to
                                          paint it and put it on a pedestal (6inches or so). I thought
                                          it would be cute with fruit in it.  But then I saw a beach
                                          table at Academy and completely changed my mind.

                                                   I screwed a piece of wood onto a spindle
                                                   from the Dallas Restore. Then I glued and
                                                   screwed the tray to the base I had made.
                                                   Originally it was going to be green but
                                                    ended up a different color. 
                                                   We sunk it in the sand and it was used
                                                     all day.  I think Jan was impressed when
                                                     someone came by and wanted to buy it.
                                         HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  1. This idea is brilliant!! I'm going to make a couple of these trays to take down to our beach home on the Washington coast. Then I will smile and take orders from all our friends who will want one.You rock!!
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  2. Great idea and post. Visting from the blog strut:)

  3. This is such an awesome idea!! It also gives me an excuse to take a trip to the beach. Thanks =)

  4. What a cute, fun idea! Thanks for sharing at Throwback Thursday.